Dear Friends,
As we wait for the election results in Washington State to be finalized, we know for certain that we have increased our pro-choice majority in both chambers of the Washington State Legislature. Anti-choice ideologue Mark Miloscia was bested by pro-choice champion Claire Wilson in the 30th legislative district, a victory NARAL has been organizing toward for the last 4 years. This is just one of many electoral victories this year.

I am filled with such gratitude for the numerous NARAL members, staff, and volunteers who showed up relentlessly this summer and fall all across Washington state. They marched, protested, and made calls through the high stakes and emotionally charged fight to save the Supreme Court from and without missing a beat, turned out to knock-doors for pro-choice candidates up through Election Day. Some of those same volunteers are still out there helping chase ballots for candidates locked in tight races separated by less than 100 votes.

Together, we are formidable and I cannot wait to see what we can do next. This year we are taking a hard look at where gaps to accessing reproductive health care exist and working with our elected officials to close those gaps through policy and community education. We will make sure Washington State continues to be a beacon of what access to abortion and reproductive freedom can look like.

Your support has carried us so far and I am incredibly proud of what our organization.

In gratitude,
Tiffany Hankins
Executive Director

For a full look at 2018’s victories, see our full report backĀ  and newsletter here.

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