We are still waiting to hear what the Supreme Court will decide about the future of abortion access in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. This is the first abortion case since Kavanaugh was confirmed to the court.

So much is at stake right now and we want to make sure everyone knows exactly how this case can impact abortion access across the nation. 

Below are the top questions that we are asked about this case that is before the Supreme Court.


What is June Medical Services v. Russo?

It is a case before the Supreme Court that challenges a dangerous clinic shutdown law (also known as a TRAP law) in Louisiana that would require doctors to medically unnecessary admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. 


What is a TRAP/clinic shutdown law?

A TRAP law/clinic shutdown law is a law that is medically unnecessary. The anti-choice movement advocates for these laws to restrict abortion providers and clinics from providing care by forcing clinics to comply with these unnecessary and burdensome regulations or shut down. An admitting privileges law is a type of TRAP law. It has been proven that it provides no medical benefit to the patient. Requiring admitting privileges does not make patients safer but, rather reduces access to abortion by preventing providers and clinics from offering care.


Did the Supreme Court hear a case just like this in 2016?

Yes, they did! The Louisiana admitting privileges law is identical to the unconstitutional Texas law that the Court struck down in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. The Supreme Court ruled that admitting privileges laws serve no other purpose than to make accessing abortion more difficult. However, the difference between then and now is that we have Kavanaugh tipping the Court to a conservative majority.


What will happen if the Supreme Court approves of this Louisiana law?

We want you to know that no matter what happens, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington will never stop fighting to ensure reproductive freedom is for every body in Washington state. If the Supreme Court upholds this Louisiana law, it would devastate abortion access in the state of Louisiana and nationwide when anti-choice politicians pass copycat restrictions across the country. 


What can we do in Washington do?

Make sure to continue to elect reproductive freedom champions in the Washington State legislature come November. While abortion access is under attack at the national level, we need to do all we can to hold the line in our state. 


Is there anything else we can do?

When a case like this is at the Supreme Court, it’s always helpful to let people know that we’re in a critical moment for reproductive freedom and that they can get involved by talking to their friends and family and doing things like posting on social media.

And if you haven’t already donated to support NARAL in the fight to ensure reproductive freedom is for every body, everywhere, you can pitch in here!

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