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Our priority legislation for 2018 includes: 

Reproductive Health Equity Act (SB 6105 Ranker/ HB 2909 Macri)
Expansion of reproductive health care to ensure coverage for all Washingtonians regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status.

Reproductive Parity Act (SB 6219 Hobbs/ HB 2409 Cody)
Reduce out of pocket costs for abortions by mandating insurance coverage, increase affordability for birth control access, and review literature on disparities in access to reproductive health care.

Supported Reproductive Freedom Legislation:

Preventative Health Protections (HB 1523 Robinson/SB 5602 Keiser)
Protect most common preventive health services currently under the ACA with WA insurers. If the ACA is repealed or dismantled in any way, WA insurers will have to continue to cover those services.

Employee Reproductive Choice Act (SB 6102 Ranker/ HB 2908 Macri)
Provides that it is an unfair practice to discriminate against an employee based on that employee’s use of contraceptives.  Provides that it is an unfair practice under state discrimination laws for an employer that provides health insurance to its employees to not provide contraceptive coverage.  

Protecting Patient Care Act (SB 6247 Kuderer/ HB 2482 Macri )
This legislation will ensure that providers are not disciplined or rebuked for providing services that fall under the standard of care. From end of life advising to offering or referring the full reproductive service spectrum, medical staff will be protected.

Other supported legislation:

Automatic Voter Registration (HB 2595 Hudgins/ SB 6353 Hunt) and Washington Voting Rights Act (SB 6002 Saldaña/ HB 1800 Gregerson)
Voters who obtain a driver’s license or receive healthcare through the state exchange would be automatically added to the voter rolls and receive notification of their registration. We would be only one of the only states with AVR (OR and CA). The WVRA sets up ground rules in which municipalities are able to switch from an at-large system of electing officials to a district system. Currently only a handful cities and counties in WA have this ability.

Keep Washington Working (SB 5689 Wellman/ HB 1985 Ortiz-Self)
Limits immigration enforcement to the fullest extent possible and restricts the use of state resources to assist in unconstitutional registration, surveillance, detaining, or transfer programs targeting Washington residents on the basis of race, religion, immigration, or citizenship status, or national or ethnic origin.

Equal Pay Opportunity Act (HB 1506 Senn/ SB 5140 Cleveland)
Protects workers from common employer practices that perpetuate inequality. This bill will grant workers the right to discuss and inquire about pay and compensation without retaliation. It will also require pay to be based on job-based criteria—such as education, training, or experience—instead of unfair assumptions and practices.

Second Chance Act (HB 1789 Jinkins/ SB 5600 Darnielle)
This legislation would create parole (there is currently no parole for folks convicted after 1984).

Eliminating Language Barriers to Accessing Charity Care (SB 6308 Keiser)
Requires hospitals to publish charity care finance options in the 10 most common languages in their area.

Anti-choice bills we are fighting against:

Eliminating Public Funds for Abortions (HB 1002 Taylor)
Would reduce access to abortion care for low-income Washingtonians.

Mandating Parental Notifications for Abortions (HB 1003 Shea)
Youth needing reproductive care should not have their decision rest in the control of parents. Youth deserve to have their privacy respected for reproductive health decisions.

Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill: Enforcing “gender segregation” in Facilities (HB 1011 Taylor)
Every Washingtonian, regardless of gender identity or expression, should be able to use the bathroom of their choice without harassment or intimidation.

Requiring signage for “abortion facilities”- (SB 6071 Fortunado)
Medical facilities that provide abortions are already licensed and regulated. Increased signage will not increase patient access, but only serves to target and harass patients and staff.


2017’s Victories for pro-choice advocates included:

Twelve Months of Birth Control (HB 1234) This common sense legislation ensures that you can get 12 months of birth control in one visit. Rep. June Robinson (D-38) was a stalwart champion on this issue.

Pregnancy Accommodations (SB 5835 and HB 1474) Legislators passed a limited pregnancy accommodations bill that requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers.While we are gratified to see legislators pursuing this important goal, the legislation passed falls far short by creating two classes of workers through exempting businesses with fewer than 15 employees—a departure from all other state anti-discrimination laws which applies to employers with 8 workers or fewer. We hope to resolve the employer-size issue in the next legislative session.

Paid Family Leave (SB 5975)In 2017, Washington state legislators passed a historic, bipartisan bill that requires employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid leave to workers who need time off to care for a new child, to take care of a sick or injured family member, or to deal with a personal medical issue. The law also insures that low-income workers will receive at least 90 percent of their weekly income, making paid leave a viable option for workers at all income levels.

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington also successfully fought back against anti-choice attacks.

Parental Notification for Abortion (SB 5320 and HB 1003) We successfully pushed back against legislation from right-wing extremist Sens. Mike Padden (R-4) and Matt Shea (R-4) that would have required young women to obtain parental notification for abortions.

Prohibiting Use of Public Funds for Abortion (HB 1002) Rep. Eileen Cody (D-34) ensured this bill was never given a hearing and we are grateful for her leadership in preventing legislation that would have prohibited the state from funding abortions for low-income women.

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