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NARAL Pro-Choice Washington 2020 Legislative Priorities

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is an organization that is at the start of our anti-racism and equity work. With this in mind, we are approaching our work with a developing equity lens. We make the following commitments as we deepen our analysis and actions for equity and collaboration:

  • We center voices of those most impacted by prioritizing conversations with impacted communicates, and respective organizational partners, before making decisions or declarative statements about policy priorities and approaches. 
  • We recognize that data is not neutral, and we will prioritize analysis and data that includes a racial, gender, socioeconomic, ability, and geographic equity lens. 
  • We have historically been a white and cis-gender lead organization, and know many of NARAL’s staff and board are still at the intersection of these identities. As we continue to bring more Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA, and rural voices into our respective organizations, we recognize the following:
    • We wield privilege that can be an asset for allyship when we follow the lead of those most impacted. However, this privilege can also present barriers to recognition, understanding, and trust, and we will continue to learn. 
    • We commit to assessing impact, making amends when we own our mistakes, and finding a resolution for rebuilding and deepening trust with BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized communities.


Priority Legislation:

Comprehensive Mandatory Sexual Health Education (SB 5395): PASSED!
This legislation requires all school districts in Washington to teach medically accurate, age-appropriate K-12 sex education that includes affirmative consent and is LGBTQ+ inclusive. The legislation will also require school districts to report on the sex education they are providing so that our state can continue to improve the quality of programming in the future. School districts can select the recommended curriculum that works best for their community. Parents have the right to review the curriculum their school selects and opt their children out of any portion of the instruction.


Protecting Patient Care Act (HB 1608): PASSED!
This legislation will allow providers at religious health systems to give patients information and resources regarding their health status and options. This is a critical step forward to protecting patient care in Washington. We are disappointed that our priority versions of the Protecting Patient Care Act (SB 5542/HB 2561) did not receive hearings this session. These bills are needed to ensure that providers at all health systems in Washington can give patients the life-saving pregnancy-related care they need. We are committed to working with our members, partners, and legislators on the full implementation of miscarriage management at religiously-based health systems next year.


Health Equity Assessment Fee for Insurance Carriers (HB 2554): PASSED!
This legislation requires that insurers notify subscribers about what state and federally required services they do not provide and where they can access that care in a timely way. Additionally, it allows the state to charge plans a fee equal to the cost of providing these excluded services,  mitigating inequity in the insurance market.


Supported Legislation:


Establish a State Office of Equity (HB 1783): PASSED!
This legislation creates the Washington state office of equity within the office of the governor for promoting access to equitable opportunities and resources that reduce disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities, and improve outcomes statewide across all sectors of government. This office will assist government agencies to consider race, ethnicity, gender, and equitable impacts in all aspects of their decision making, including services, programming, policy development, budgeting, and staffing.


Apple Health to 26 (HB 1697, SB 5814): FAILED
This bill would expand healthcare up to age 26 for undocumented individuals who currently age out when they turn 19 and are left with no affordable option for medical coverage.

Affordable Childcare (SB 6253, HB 2661): FAILED
This bill would expand access to and affordable childcare and strengthen the resources and compensation for childcare providers.

Extending Postpartum Coverage (SB 6128) PASSED!
This legislation will improve maternal health outcomes by extending the postpartum period. Specifically, it will extend Medicaid coverage from sixty days postpartum to twelve months postpartum for individuals 193% below the federal poverty line and low-income undocumented individuals.

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