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NARAL Pro-Choice Washington 2019 Legislative Priorities

Reproductive Health Access for All Act

Protect Reproductive Health Access for All (SB 5602/HB 1612)

What is this bill?

The Reproductive Health Access for All Act builds on last year’s successful passage of the Reproductive Parity Act by: requiring religious health institutions to disclose to patients what reproductive health services they do or do not cover, bolstering and improving anti-discrimination protections for transgender and nonbinary community members who face additional barriers in accessing reproductive healthcare, and expanding the list of reproductive health care services that public and private insurance companies must cover.

What happened with this bill?

After a lengthy negotiations process between the HERRO Coalition and lawmakers, RHAA passed out of the legislature with the above mentioned provisions intact. The Take Charge Lookalike program, which would have funded family planning services for a small group of community members who can’t access existing programs due to their immigration status, was taken out of statute by the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives and was instead funded in the budget. We were incredibly disappointed to see House Democratic Leadership hide immigrant communities in the shadows instead of protecting them in statute, but look forward to working with them next year to put the Take Charge Lookalike program into statute.

What do we do next?

We will likely work with the bill sponsors to develop language that puts the Take Charge Lookalike program into statute next year.

HB 1612

Prime sponsor: Macri
Co-sponsors: Jinkins, Doglio, Riccelli, Cody, Peterson, Robinson, Dolan, Tharinger, Lekanoff, Senn, Slatter, Gregerson, Davis, Thai, Stonier, Valdez, Appleton, Kloba, Sells, Wylie, Goodman, Hudgins, Frame, Pollet, Stanford, Ormsby, Bergquist, Santos, Tarleton, Callan

SB 5602
Prime sponsor: Randall
Co-sponsor: Wilson,C., Nguyen, Das, Saldaña, Cleveland, Takko, Kuderer, Hasegawa, Rolfes, Van De Wege, Keiser, Hunt, Wellman, Billig, Dhingra, Conway, Pedersen, Frockt, Salomon, Palumbo, Darneille, McCoy, Liias, Mullet, Carlyle

Protecting Patient Care Act 

Holding Religious Health Systems Accountable (SB 5542/1638)

What is this bill?

According to the ACLU of WA, this legislation “protects the privilege and privacy of the patient-provider relationship by ensuring a doctor, nurse, or other health care professional is not prevented from providing information, resources, and standard of care health services that are in the best interests of their patients. This legislation is necessary because a sharply increasing number of health systems in Washington prohibit or limit the information, resources, and services a health provider may offer to a patient. Such prohibitions hurt patients and they disproportionally harm women, the LGBT community, and people who need end-of-life care.”

What happened with this bill?

The bill faced challenges from Senate Healthcare Committee Leadership. Our members will be working to demonstrate the real impact on people’s lives from restrictions based on dogma at religious health systems and encourage them to stand up to the hospitals!

What do we do next?

We will organize to build power across the state around our belief that holding religious health institutions accountable is a reproductive freedom issue. We will pressure the Chair to give the bill a hearing next year.

HB 1638
Prime sponsor: Macri
Co-sponsor:  Dolan, Slatter, Stonier, Robinson, Kilduff, Riccelli, Senn, Goodman, Tharinger, Jinkins, Davis, Cody, Appleton, Kloba, Ortiz-Self, Valdez, Frame, Pollet, Stanford, Tarleton, Leavitt

SB 5542
Prime sponsor: Kuderer
Co-sponsors: Randall, Takko, Van De Wege, Dhingra, Saldaña, Keiser, Wellman, Conway

Comprehensive Mandatory Sexual Health Education 

Strengthen the Healthy Youth Act  (SB 5395/ HB 1407)

What is this bill?

This bill would reform sexual health education mandates to require that every school district provide comprehensive, evidence-based sexual health education. The bill also requires that sexual health education curriculum includes sexual assault prevention information as well as identity-affirming information about sexual and gender identity diversity.

What happened with this bill?

For all intents and purposes, this bill died in the House when the Chair of the House Education Committee refused to pass the bill out of committee.

What do we do next?

We will organize and build power in the swing districts of WA to demonstrate that evidence-based sexual health education is a popular issue among the majority of Washingtonians.

HB 1407
Prime sponsor: Stonier
Co-sponsors: Goodman, Orwall, Jinkins, Santos, Davis, Ortiz-Self, Dolan, Wylie, Pettigrew, Riccelli, Senn, Cody, Sells, Frame, Pollet, Hudgins, Stanford, Doglio, Fitzgibbon, Slatter, Bergquist, Robinson, Macri, Kloba, Peterson, Thai, Fey, Appleton, Valdez, Tarleton, Shewmake, Kilduff, Callan, Ormsby, Walen

SB 5395
Prime sponsor: Wilson,C.
Co-sponsors: Randall, Keiser, Saldaña, Takko, Mullet, Wellman, Das, Nguyen, Billig, Pedersen, Rolfes, Darneille, Dhingra, Hasegawa, Hunt, Kuderer


Family Planning Funding

Trump-proof Washington’s Title X Funding

Washington State Department of Health is preparing for the possibility that our state will reject Title X funds under Trump’s domestic gag rule executive order. If so, our state will need to identify additional state funding to ensure we maintain access to reproductive health care.

Where is it now: Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration to stop his domestic gag rule.

Next step: If the courts uphold the rule, Governor Inslee is committed to finding funding in the state budget to backfill the Title X funds Washington would otherwise get from the federal government.


Partnership Support Bills:

The Public Option bill “Cascade Health” (SB 5526 / HB 1523 Cody)
This bill was requested by Gov. Inslee. This legislation would expand health care access by increasing the availability of quality, affordable health coverage in the individual market.

Progressive Revenue
The All in For Washington Coalition is currently exploring progressive revenue legislation. These proposals could include legislation on Capital Gains Tax.


Keep Washington Working (2018:SB 5689 Wellman/HB 1985 Ortiz-Self)
Limits immigration enforcement to the fullest extent possible and restricts the use of state resources to assist in unconstitutional registration, surveillance, detaining, or transfer programs targeting Washington residents on the basis of race, religion, immigration, or citizenship status, or national or ethnic origin.

Second Chance Act ( 2018: HB 1789 Jinkins/ SB 5600 Darneille)
This legislation would create parole (there is currently no parole for folks convicted after 1984)

Expanding Apple Health Eligibility

Apple Health to 26 (last year was HB 1565 from Macri): This is something the WSLC is working on to expanding Apple Health to undocumented folks up to age 26. It will be a priority of the Healthy Washington Coalition.

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