Dear NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Members, activists, and friends:

It is a privilege to join you at such a critical moment in history. Since starting at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington in mid-October, I have spent every day amazed and energized by the work you do even in the face of incredible challenges. You are among the most committed reproductive freedom activists in the country, and I am so grateful to be working alongside you. Your energy and activism, your range of viewpoints, and your unapologetic march towards inclusivity and systemic change is inspiring.

The events of 2020 have made clear that our reproductive rights are not guaranteed, punctuated by the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett on Monday. The growing threat to Roe v. Wade reminds us that we are at a crossroads as a movement. We recognize that for many people — specifically BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks, undocumented communities, low-income individuals, and patients who lack access to transportation — Roe was never a reality. We must work with our community to ensure equitable access to reproductive healthcare for allThis includes intentionally building back partnerships and creating safe and inclusive spaces to expand our community. It also means showing up for folks and listening to feedback and requests for allyship. Inclusive and safe healthcare is central to our mission.

Thankfully, you have the power and the passion to do the work to ensure reproductive freedom for everybody. It is because of how you show up each day that we can hold the line against efforts to roll-back reproductive freedom in Washington state. Showing up looks like voting to Approve R90, making a monthly or one-time donationjoining our activist community, organizing to elevate important legislation, and sharing on social media and with our team what is most important to you.

From my side, I am committed to supporting and elevating the work of our activists, staff, and Board. To not only listen but to hear you and to share back what I learn. To atone for past and future mistakes and to put resources and action behind our anti-racism commitments. I am a vocal advocate for this movement, and I look forward to learning from all of you on how to be the best partner and representative I can be. 

I also want to acknowledge that we are in the midst of a political and healthcare crisis, and the emotional and physical toll this takes is valid. I wish for your continued good health, and I want to remind you that you are part of an incredible community, and we are in this together. Thank you for all that you do, and for all the joy and energy you bring to this movement. I look forward to getting to know you better, even if it is virtually for the time being.


Kia Guarino
Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

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