WASHINGTON – NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s Political Action Committee is announcing its first round of endorsements for candidates who will advocate for reproductive freedom in Washington and unseat anti-choice incumbents across Washington state. 


For more than fifty years, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has led the grassroots pro-choice movement across the state. Endorsements are critical for our members to ensure they are supporting candidates who will be champions for reproductive freedom when elected. 


“Over 7 in 10 Washingtonians support the right to abortion. NARAL is proud to endorse candidates who reflect the values of Washington voters and who are committed to making reproductive freedom a priority in office. With abortion access under attack at the national level, it is more important than ever to elect local officials who will champion reproductive health access for all Washingtonians. For too long, these anti-choice incumbents have put their ideology above the collective health and well-being of voters. Our members are mobilized and motivated to support candidates who are ready to fight for Washington patients and families. ” – Lillian Lanier, Political Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington


In 2020, NARAL is proud to endorse T’wina Nobles for State Senate in the 28th LD, Helen Price Johnson for State Senate in the 10th LD, Joy Stanford, and Carrie Hesch for State Representative in the 26th LD, and Alicia Rule for State Representative in the 42nd LD.


Each of these candidates is challenging obstructionist and extremist incumbents, including Senator Steve O’Ban, Representative Vicki Kraft, and Representative Jesse Young


During the 2020 legislative session, Representative Vicki Kraft and Jesse Young attempted to obstruct the passage of Comprehensive Mandatory Sex Education for Washington Youth by submitting 43 and 54 amendments respectively to try and stop the bill’s passage by majority vote. Those included amendments that would force students to watch the dangerous anti-choice propaganda film, Unplanned in their sex education curriculum, and another that would blur the lines between church and state. 


NARAL Pro-Choice Washington PAC is proud to endorse the following candidates: 


 Washington State Senate:


  • Helen Price Johnson – 10th Legislative District
  • T’wina Nobles – 28th Legislative District


Washington State House of Representatives:


  • Tanisha Harris – 17th Legislative District, Position 1
  • Carrie Hesch – 26th Legislative District, Position 1
  • Joy Stanford – 26th Legislative District, Position 2
  • Alicia Rule – 42nd Legislative District, Position 1


About the NARAL Pro-Choice Washington PAC: The Political Action Committee of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is a volunteer committee. The PAC is responsible for NARAL’s candidate endorsements and political fundraising. With PAC members located all across Washington, we educate and engage candidates about reproductive freedom issues at the local level. 


This is not an exhaustive list of NARAL’s first round of endorsements. To view the full please visit prochoicewashington.org


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