Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Contact: Katherine Humphreys, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, (206) 737-9366, Katherine@prochoicewashington.org

This morning, community leaders and former state legislators called for Sen. Joe Fain’s (R-47) resignation after citing credible allegations of sexual assault against him. Fain’s supporters claim they want a “thorough investigation” of the allegations against him. However, there is no formal process for such an investigation since the alleged assault took place before Fain was elected into office. Inspired by the bravery of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a Seattle woman came forward in September with her story in which she alleges that Fain raped her in his hotel room.


“NARAL Pro-Choice Washington believes survivors and we stand with the people who have gone through the painful and life altering process of coming forward. We think Joe Fain needs to resign from office.” – Tiffany Hankins, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

“I believe Candance Faber and Joe Fain needs to step down. I myself was a lobbyist in Olympia and I was sexually assaulted three times, I was also a journeyman electrician in a mostly male construction industry and I will say that as a woman, for me, the state legislature was more dangerous than being a construction worker who didn’t see very many women on the job. And that’s because, it’s not the presence of men that makes jobs dangerous, it is the abuse of power. And when I find out about a State Senator, like Joe Fain, that has enjoyed the abuse of power to the tune of rape, I am saying that person cannot represent the people of King County or Washington State.” – Nicole Grant, King County Labor Council

“Survivors of sexual assault speak out at great personal cost and we need to create new norms in how we as a community respond.  Rather than the reflexive response to protect those in power, we should stand with those who are willing to be courageous and do something that is terribly difficult.  At the state and local level we need new processes that allow survivors to tell their story safely and that are independent of partisan politics. ” – Jessyn Farrell, former state legislator

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