“Today, an ideologically and closely divided Supreme Court  gave fake women’s health centers a free pass to continue deceiving pregnant patients, even though they prey on pregnant patients and their families and often give patients false and medically dangerous information. While the lies and deception used against patients are very real, five Justices—including Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Justice who was hand-picked by his anti-choice allies—still refused to end the lies.


“The deception promulgated by fake women’s health centers is absolutely unacceptable, and that’s why we supported King County Board of Health passing an ordinance to ensure these fake clinics disclose they are not health centers. But we will not rest, and if necessary we will redouble our efforts to find permanent solutions to end the lies and make sure women have access to comprehensive, timely, and accurate medical information

“But our work does not and will not end there. We know the real goal of the extreme, national organizations behind these centers: overturn Roe, and do everything they can to control the lives of women until then. Fake women’s health centers, the rest of the anti-choice movement, and their political allies have been working together for decades with one goal in mind: ban abortion in America.”

“In state after site, anti-choice politicians are passing radical and unconstitutional abortion bans because they are counting on Trump’s judges to overturn Roe. Here in Washington, we have fought back these attacks and will continue to do so. And these extreme forces don’t hide their intentions, bragging that they hope a lawsuit over their legislation will be used by the Supreme Court to do the job. We will continue fighting back—against fake women’s health centers, against Trump’s judicial nominees, against the lawless, cruel actions of the Trump administration, and against the slew of anti-woman, anti-choice bills in our legislatures and Congress. Women’s rights are fundamental civil rights, and we cannot rest until they are restored and protected.”

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