Scorecard Tracks Legislative Actions in Time of Attack

Seattle – For the third year in a row, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has released its annual Reproductive Freedom Scorecard. The assessment takes into account not just legislators’ votes on reproductive healthcare bill, but whether they used their platform to publicly and boldy advocate for expanding reproductive freedom.

This year, along with reproductive health legislation, NARAL also heavily weighted votes on legislation that impact the self-determination of Washingtonians to build their lives and their families with dignity.  Some of these bills include increasing voter access, addressing language barriers in accessing care, protecting worker rights for immigrants and guaranteeing equal pay.

“We want reproductive freedom for all Washingtonians to be a reality so that means we must not only guarantee access to abortion care and birth control, but also to jobs with equal pay, affordable childcare and voting rights,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Executive Director Tiffany Hankins.

“At a time when reproductive freedom is under attack nationally, it’s not enough to vote the right way, but stay quiet,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Executive Director Tiffany Hankins. “We need Champions who will speak up and speak out to protect and expand access to reproductive health care for everyone in Washington State. Champions for choice do more than just vote. They fight every day to expand reproductive freedom by leveraging their platform and role.”

The highlight of the 2018 legislative session was the Reproductive Parity Act, signed into law by Governor Inslee on March 21. This groundbreaking legislation requires health plans that cover maternity care services to also cover abortion services. The policy also mandates health insurance plans to cover all FDA-approved contraceptive methods free of cost-sharing requirements and over-the-counter contraceptives without a prescription.

“With a one-seat pro-choice majority in the Senate,  we are able to make strides in protecting reproductive freedom with the passage of the Reproductive Parity Act,” Hankins concluded. “But we know that it will take an even stronger majority, and much bolder legislation, to ensure self-determination is guaranteed to every Washingtonian regardless of zip code, gender, or income level.”

The grading scale follows and the complete scorecard can be found on their website

(A) Pro-Choice Champions
Champions are outstanding champions for reproductive freedom. They devote tremendous time and energy to protecting and expanding choice through bills and policies. They pro-actively and publicly utilize their platform to speak up and push to expand reproductive access.

(B) Pro-Choice Allies
Allies are strong advocates for reproductive freedom by helping advance and an agenda that expands and protects choice.They do more than just vote; they use the power of their office and position to positively impact reproductive freedom.

(C) Pro-Choice Supporter
 Supporters vote to protect and expand reproductive freedom. They show up consistently to support legislation for a  full range of reproductive healthcare options.

(D) Mixed-Choice Legislator
Mixed-choice legislators occasionally vote for policies protecting reproductive freedom, but do not work to ensure abortion and birth-control access is not threatened.

(F) Anti-Choice Legislator
           Anti-choice legislators fail in the fight for reproductive freedom in every way. Rather than use the power of their office to promote good policies, they actively and fervently work to deny Washingtonians reproductive freedom and roll back abortion access.

To set up an interview with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Executive Director Tiffany Hankins or for more information about how we arrived at this year’s grades, please contact Eli Goss at (206) 624-1990 or

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